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A Note About Our Founder

Driven By Passion

Erik Thompson founded Garage Exotica in 2020 with his
father, Phil Thompson, turning his lifelong passion for everything automotive
into the career of his dreams. While Erik spent the majority of his time
actively sailing on commercial cargo ships, most recently laying Trans-Atlantic
fiber optic communication cable, cars remained his true passion. Erik always
dreamed of having his very own custom garage, and he worked tirelessly to turn
that dream into reality. In founding Garage Exotica, Erik is now able to help
those who share his same passion for cars make their automotive dreams come

Dedicated To Service

Erik has been a major car fanatic his entire life, and as an
adult, Erik also became a dedicated member of our country’s armed forces.
Shortly after graduating in 2017 from the United States Merchant Marine Academy,
one of only five US Federal Service Academies, Erik was commissioned as an
Officer in the United States Navy Reserve. Erik remains an active Merchant
Mariner and a Lieutenant in the United States Navy.

About Garage Exotica

Desire To Be The Best

Garage Exotica offers a wide variety of products andservices including custom storage solutions, high-quality car care products,top-name-brand automotive lifts, specialty lighting products, and completelycustom-tailored garages and shop spaces. However, it isn’t the products orservices Garage Exotica offers that make the business unique – it’s Erik andPhil’s shared desire to make their business the best it can be. The duo spentclose to two years planning and developing business strategies that would allowthem to offer quality products and services, competitive pricing, and mostimportantly, the highest level of customer service possible.

Driven By Vision

Garage Exotica is a company founded on the principles of passion, service, dedication, and hard work, so our vision is simple – At Garage Exotica, we approach each and every project with these core values at the forefront to ensure they are all reflected in the products and services we deliver to our clients. We don't look at our company as just being in the business of building custom garages and automotive spaces - Garage Exotica is in the business of making our clients' dreams come true. Every member of our team recognizes that each of our clients shares the same automotive passion that drives us to be the best at what we do - every single day, and for every single project.

Our Promise To Every Customer

Whether you are placing a small online order, turning the garage of your dreams into a reality, or anything in between, we promise that each and every member of the Garage Exotica team who you come in contact with will mark your experience with a level of passion, expertise, and dedication that is unmatched within the industry.


Erik Thompson

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